Beauty Training Courses Open Exciting Career Paths In India

Beauty Training Courses Open Exciting Career Paths In India

Are you a person with an eye for beauty? Do you enjoy intermingling with people? Do you want to become a public figure?

If all the answers are ‘Yes’, then becoming a beautician is an exciting option.

Indeed, the trends and tastes of people are dynamic, but the fundamental job of a beautician is the same; to help people look their best.

Joining a beautician training course in thane is the key to open the door of success. You become a person with magic in the hands; your key vocation is to make others attractive and beautiful.

Beauticians undertake the risk of altering the appearance of their clients. What is the risk involved in that? Even a small error can get magnified a hundred times and spoil the show

Hence, it is essential that a beautician is careful, perfect, and well-knowledgeable.

Look around yourself, and you will several beauty conscious people making a beeline for beauty parlors to improve their appearance.

Beauty care is a global multibillion-dollar industry that employees hundreds of people.

Eligibility criteria to enroll in the career of beauty training course

You must know the basics of beauty therapy to become a master beautician. When you want to take up it as a career choice, it is imperative to undergo structured, intensive professional training.

The cost of the training course differs from institute to institute. The syllabus of the best beauty academy in thane like Giaas Beauty Academy covers the more elegant elements of beauty treatment.

Skin and hair are the two fundamental aspects of the beauty treatment.

Skincare includes bleaching, facials, epilation process, manicure, pedicure, makeup, massage, and so on.

Haircare includes hairdressing, treatment of the hair, cutting, and styling.

Attributes of a beauty expert

The best beautician courses in thane not just train you the skills of enhancing the beauty and appearance of your clients but groom your personality as well.

The desired attributes are:

  • A well-groomed personality.
  • Gentleness
  • Dexterity
  • An eye for fashion
  • Readiness to work with hand
  • A lot of stamina
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Positive attitude

What are the job prospects?

Once you finish a beautician training course in thane, several career options are there to choose from.

  • You can start the career by serving in one of the reputed beauty parlors in Mumbai. Thus, you hone the skills and gather adequate experience. Once you get proficiency, it is easy to mobilize some capital and launch a parlor of your own.
  • After some time, you could blossom into a beautician or consultant.
  • You may work with fashion houses, studios, advertising agencies, etc.
  • Those who outshine can enter the glamor world.

How much remuneration can you expect?

A trained beautician at Giaas Beauty Academy can expect a monthly salary between 10000 to 15000 rupees initially.

If one gets trained in the top institutes in India, then the salary can go as high as 20000 per month.

However, the salary levels shoot up like anything with experience and exposure to modern techniques.

With five years and more experience, beauticians earn around 50K per month.